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Address and your Privacy

We promise not to share your telephone numbers and email address with anyone, that would be totally uncool! We will use your email address for system and administration messages. Your name and address will be given to a Sponsor who wins a bid on an event in your calendar. This will only happen after the Sponsor has paid XposurePlus. This suggests that the Sponsor is genuine. Our Sponsors are from known registered organisations only. Our Sponsors have also signed declarations that they or any one in their organisation will NOT attempt to contact the model at the address given for despatch of the t-shirt.

Types of Modeling you will undertake

This information will not be shown to sponsors because you are not being hired for photographic or modeling jobs. We are only recording it here in case this website also becomes a 'talent for hire' site.

Photos and Model Releases

Once you begin uploading photographs of yourself wearing the t-shirts of the sponsors, the sponsors themselves may wish to purchase the photos. We will initially sell the photos (with your permission) to the sponsors for editorial use.

You will receive the major portion of the sale amount. We will require you to sign a Model Release which requires a name and address. This website only shows your 'alias' but the release needs a real name (which should not be a problem) but as we do not wish to give away your address, we will complete the address with the address of XposurePlus.

Right of Refusal

You have the right to refuse to wear a t-shirt if you object to any advertisements for tobacco, furs, or alcohol, or if you feel that the message portrayed on the t-shirt will cause you any harassment from a member of the public. Sponsors have been warned not to provide t-shirts that are offensive and if they do, we will not return the sponsor's payment.

Sample Photo

These are samples only. Your t-shirt photo should be the best you have. It does not need to have a brand or logo and can be plain. The idea is to show our Sponsors what you look like in a t-shirt so that they will be keen to use you to wear their promotional t-shirts.

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