Sponsor a model to wear your promotional t-shirt for indoor/outdoor publicity plus free Digital Marketing as the photos resonate around the world.

Imagine your brand 'Across Our Chests'!

Random images of some of our Brand Ambassadors. (Refresh page for another selection)

Our Mission

To enable businesses throughout the world to economically promote their product or brand at home or abroad.

To enable people throughout the world to benefit by taking part in the promotional process on and off-line.

Low Cost Advertising

Advertise your brand, product, or service for the cost of a t-shirt, postage, and your winning bid for the model of your choice to wear the promotional t-shirt in public locations.

Use this service on its own or combine it with other projects - it is very cost effective.

Global Reach

Advertise your brand, product, or service almost anywhere in the world.

Launch advertising campaigns simultaneously at different locations world-wide.

Xposure Plus

Get exposure across the chest of the model of your choice in public locations. It does not end there. Our models are obliged to have lots of photos taken and uploaded not only to this website but on social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.)

This is a big PLUS! This exposure could potentially be far reaching!

Photos uploaded to this website will be available for sale at low cost (initially for editorial purposes only).


Models create a profile, upload photos to a portfolio, add 'events' to a calendar, and watch for bids from sponsors.

Models receive promotional t-shirts from sponsors, wear them in public locations, have photos taken, and upload the photos to an 'event' gallery.

Models get paid after photographic proof of the 'event'.


Sponsors create a company profile and upload images of t-shirts (or the artwork depicted on the t-shirts).

Sponsors search for models or events in a chosen city or country, pick an event and place a bid (based on a specific t-shirt).


As bids are made, Sponsors can see the bids and raise their bids in order to be in the running to win.

At the cut-off date (typically 1 week before the event to allow for posting of the t-shirt), the highest bid wins and payment is made by the sponsor.

T-shirts are posted 'Post Restante' by the Sponsor to the Post Office of the Model's choice for collection by her.

Models get to keep the promotional t-shirts for further bookings or to be worn at their discretion - this is another plus for the Sponsor!.

Brand Safety

Your Brand Reputation is important. Our models are asked not to bring disrepute to the Sponsor (or Sponsor's client) by behaving inappropriately while wearing the Sponsor's t-shirt.

Our models are asked to ensure that the photos they upload will not appear in a context that can damage the advertiser’s brand.

Models per Country

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